UX/UI Analysis and customer testing of a new portal

Our client, a multinational insurance services company, had developed a new portal that they required assistance to test and gain customer feedback and validation on before making further refinements.


We started the process by gaining an understanding of what the client set-out to achieve in their portal redesign before undertaking an internal analysis against best practice guidelines. We then developed a series of 8 scenario exercises for their customers to follow – these exercises replicated common user journeys to complete standard tasks. The clients Account Management team nominated 20 customers from a variety of the regional markets they operate in. Each worked through the scenarios on-screen with our research team in real-time to enable us to measure how intuitive the interface design was (enabling completion of tasks) and highlighting any limitations or missing features and functions. 


Whilst customer feedback was largely positive that the test portal was a marked improvement on the current live solution, there were some further refinements which were fed into the final round of development. These included simplification of the document upload process, better visibility of key links and addressing a lack of understanding regarding certain terminologies.


The process of customer testing ensured that the product (when launched) not only met expectations but also achieved greater buy-in due to their involvement and sense of ownership of the development process. It helped to simplify the proposed portal re-design in places where our client had overcomplicated through their misunderstanding of what was important to their end customers. This improved the overall customer experience and saved valuable time and money in the process. We also provided insight as to the popularity and priority of certain areas of functionality to help inform the prioritisation of ongoing and future product development.

UXUI Analysis and customer testing of a new portal

The Rokker Team have been great to work with on this project. They were fantastic in putting our customers at ease and reassuring them that they weren’t being tested, our platform was! They provided clear guidance for us throughout the process and the insight they provided in their report has helped us to not only refine the portal in development but also design a product roadmap for ongoing development.”

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