We undertake user testing, surveys and research to identify the challenges your colleagues and customers experience in engaging with your products and technology. This enables us to recommend contextualised solutions to improve their engagement such as optimisation of existing products and technology or recommendations to inform the design of new ones.

We often undertake this kind of work in reviewing engagement with front-end and back-end Interfaces, and the performance of technical infrastructures. We also provide independent product, service and technical consultancy audits as part of impartial pre (due diligence) and post-acquisition (integration) services.

Latest case study

Adding value and identifying opportunity

Our client, a significant player in the technology and innovation space, needed to understand how an innovation ecosystem added value across the business and what opportunities they were missing(identifying opportunity).

Latest Insight

A year of personal growth

With Jims promotion to Director of Consulting and Amy and Melissa both celebrating their Rokker one year anniversary in August 2023, we thought it would be a good opportunity for the team to reflect on some of their experiences over the last year.

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