We are a design-led Business and Management Consultancy. We make sure ideas are robustly validated before you invest heavily in them. We make current propositions and services better for your customers so you are more successful. We create new propositions and services for a more sustainable and exciting future and we deliver enterprise value.

Rokker Consulting

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Rokker Research Labs

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Someone once said ‘Innovation is the application of creativity’. We support our client’s creativity around the launch of new products, services and businesses. Our rapid design process allows our clients to validate concepts early and cost effectively before mobilising larger budgets and teams with confidence.

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Strategy and Planning

Our Go-to-Market planning methodology takes into account the strategic requirement (based on a clear corporate vision), the organisational ability to deliver, the internal and external resources available and importantly the customer requirements to create an end-to-end blueprint and associated visualisation of the future proposition. We then help you deliver these to market with precision and positive impact.

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Optimisation and Growth

Whether you need to design a new service or process, or optimise an existing one, Rokker provide the perfect blend of front-office and back-office design to create an optimal experience (with associated end platforms) for your team and your customers. Our team map the current situation, identify pains and gains throughout the process and design contextual relevant solutions and see these through to production.

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Research Labs

Rokker Research Labs provide a rapid-fire research service offering objective and unbiased insight into a specific market, sector, service or product that empowers clients to make more informed strategic decisions. By amalgamating data and information from multiple trusted sources, we provide informed and unbiased insight, identifying any potential risks and opportunities in the process.

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Working with Rokker has been a pleasure. The team were more than, capable, pleasant, patient, and delivered excellent quality work from start to finish. We won’t bother searching elsewhere when our next need arises; we’ll head straight back to Rokker.

Jordon Lau | Director
Supported Business

Business analysis and design process synergy

We have developed a sector-agnostic Business Design methodology that we use across all our core services. It combines a proven design process with business analysis, data insight and trend analysis. The resulting framework answers a variety of challenges facing brands today. Our strategic solutions are agile, contextual, scalable and measurable. Why not email us today to find out more on how Business Design can help you?

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