Our clients rely on our independent analysis of digital products and services to inform their vendor selection processes and strategy. Our technical consultancy audits provide clients with the confidence they need to navigate the technical road ahead both pre- and post-acquisition. Whether you need us to conduct some impartial due diligence or to review the future potential of a piece of technology post-acquisition, we’re here for you.

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Technical Due Diligence

Our client was looking to de-risk the potential purchase of a Belgian-based online and land-based gaming operator. In order to do so they required insight into the opportunity presented by the team and technology including an evaluation of the technical operations (Technical Due Diligence) and capabilities.

Latest Insight

Future-proofing iGaming businesses & the planet

Achieving Net Zero is expected to save around 61 million people from drought, reduce the financial impact of climate damage by 25% and prevent ecological ‘tipping points’ such as the collapse of the Greenland Ice Cap. Whilst the perception may be that the iGaming industry contributes less carbon footprint than industries involving international logistics etc, you may not have considered the impact of digital operations on carbon emissions.

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