Rokker partner with businesses in both setting the direction of travel and navigating the journey. We work with you to develop strategy and plans that facilitate your long-term business goals in a flexible way. Whether that’s launching, optimising or growing products, services and businesses, or validating the enterprise value for a business event or exit. We take a holistic, creative and contextual approach to business design, working alongside your team to ensure our recommendations are appropriate and will achieve the desired outcomes.

we understand

We understand that businesses need efficient and responsive solutions, so ours are developed to be agile, scalable and aligned with wider objectives. Our approach enables us to quickly reach a robust workable solution which we deliver with a recommended implementation plan. This approach enables our clients to put theory into practice and achieve the goal of our consultancy work with clear milestones and success metrics.


Whether you need support with your brand, articulating your vision, team alignment, go-to-market strategy, value proposition, concept validation, market positioning, digital transformation or an innovation project, Rokker have the experience to guide you through to successfully achieving your end goal.

Latest case study

Lottery technology and marketing strategy

Initially our work with the client saw us mapping the lottery supplier market and undertaking a technology (technology & marketing strategy) vendor selection process. Our sister company Random Colour Animal were then tasked with the UX/UI design of new games, a new website and mobile app. Alongside this, Rokker undertook a content audit during which it became evident that the client required some additional strategic support.

Latest Insight

Our approach to transformation and a short history of MVIs©

Rokker have been designing, launching, and transforming clients’ businesses since 2015. From day one we wanted ‘our approach to transformation’ to be a more practical, action-based version of consulting. We want to help clients to understand where their business (or business unit) is at a given time, what the objectives are, and how they can move from one state to another in a defined timeline. As someone once said to us, “what we ultimately sell is clarity”.

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