Managed Services

Augmenting your existing operations

RokkerX is our managed services business, providing transformation, optimised operation and scaling services that deliver real-world gains for our international gaming, technology and finance clients.

We launched RokkerX to deploy, manage and grow global in-country teams to augment our client’s existing operations in a rapidly scalable way, enabling them to realise real-world gains and drive pace whilst reducing risk.

For those considering international business opportunities that require a team on the ground, RokkerX exists to empower a global community of people and businesses to realise their potential.

Latest Insight

Lessons in living growth

At the end of 2022 we identified an opportunity to establish an entirely new business line, international managed services subsidiary RokkerX. We employed most of the tools and techniques at our disposal to define the opportunity fully and design the business in a way that aligned with our experience of what good looks like. Leveraging this experience actually delivered us from concept to a BAU state in a period of just 4 months across 3 international jurisdictions.

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