Rokker’s organisational design work empowers our clients to build businesses their people love, empowering happier & higher performing teams.

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Empowering leadership

Our client, a cutting-edge media and technology company, required support in equipping one of their business-critical Empowering leadership teams to come together to connect, learn and gain perspective.


The team had undergone significant change as a result of a major reorganisation earlier in the year and so it was the perfect opportunity to bring alignment against a ‘group purpose’ and vision.

Latest Insight

Building a business people actually love

Research indicates that in general the average employee is motivated by “culture, respect and pride”. Other factors impacting people loving their jobs were identified as things such as a place where they can belong (the community side of that ranking highly), sense of significance and progress, challenging work, variety and flexibility, autonomy, recognition and reward, feeling that work is a safe, fair, supportive and fun environment.

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