UK Online Slots Market Analysis

A globally renowned slots-focused games supplier with German and Nordic audiences was keen to scale their business in the UK market. In order to do that they wanted to evaluate the competition and appeal of slots games to operators and end-players in the UK market. This research was to inform their product strategy for the UK market.


This was a fairly rapid project over the course of 12 team days. We started by evaluating the popularity of the clients top 10 games in the UK market (online slots market) alongside an analysis of the relative market share of slots suppliers amongst 32 UK-leading operators. This included looking at the number of slots games each operator offered, how many games/slots providers they had supplying them, and, if the client was one of them, how many of their games they were currently offering. We also conducted interviews with operators to gain broader insights as well as interviews with the client’s team to appreciate their perspective.


We established that the UK had a significantly larger share of Online Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) than the territories the client was doing well in. The data also showed that the percentage of the UK public participating in online gambling is increasing, confirming it as a valid target. Our research into Gross Gambling Yield (GGY) from online slots revealed a large potential market of monthly active slots players of which the client had a relatively small share of compared to the largest competitor in the market.


Our report included information on the future of the UK market and made observations about the impact of an ageing demographic and new target markets. We also noted the audience appeal of nostalgia, TV game shows and celebrity endorsements which could feed into the games design process. Using UK operator’s feedback on customer behaviour, we made additional recommendations concerning how games may be designed to appeal to this audience. We also recommended a number of initiatives to optimise existing Operator relationships in the UK.

UK online slots market analysis

The insight we gained from Rokker has been fundamental to our product and market development strategy. It took us right from the fundamental need to know information right through to some really exciting innovative ideas to optimise our potential for success. We’ll continue to work with Rokker as the business develops into the future.”

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