The Emerging Demographic of Slots Players

Following on from our analysis of the UK online slots market, the client asked us to provide a better understanding of the emerging demographic of slots players. This research would provide insight for the development of marketing strategies and the setting of appropriate budgets to reach a new audience.


We had 9 days to complete this fast-paced project. We reviewed existing data and undertook desk-based research prior to speaking to consumers and industry connections in key geographic markets. We ran Focus Groups for Gen Z consumers as a significant proportion of Millennials already play real-money slots games. From this data we were able to develop personas designed to provide insights on how to best engage them.


Our report provided a benchmark of the current slots market and player demographics, with identified themes and trends. We were able to identify a number of key areas of concern to be addressed. We also provided branded personas that provided insights on the habits, behaviours, motivators, influencers, and preferences of younger demographics.


We proposed a number of strategic initiatives to identify, target and engage emerging online slots players along with suggested audience appropriate marketing campaigns, products, and programmes. We also encouraged the client to explore opportunities to develop alternative gaming products for emerging audiences based on our research.

Emerging Demographics

The insight that Rokker has provided on our emerging target demographic has been instrumental in informing our forward strategy. Not only is it valuable for the UK online slots market, but there is significant value and relevance across our whole offering. Rokker have fast become an integral part of driving our business forward.”

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