Structuring a new proposition and division


Our client needed our expertise and experience in helping them to structure and design a new division and proposition within their existing company.


Working with the new division’s team, we used a combination of desk-based research and collaborative discussions/workshops to gain a deeper understanding of the market and opportunities.


Our research primarily focused on mapping key competitors across commercial sectors to identify gaps and growth areas. We also analysed competitors marketing communication and language as contextual insight as to how we might position the new proposition.


The workshops enabled us to construct a Value Proposition Canvas that detailed the target customer segments tasks, challenges, and benefits. We used this as the foundation to defining the new divisions proposition to Operators and Game Studios.  


We used the Brand Resonance Pyramid methodology to develop propositions around the divisions structure, core services and communication strategy. Alongside this we delivered a target operating model (that outlined roles and responsibilities), a launch strategy (represented as a 6-month critical path roadmap), an end-to-end sales process map and marketing materials.

Structuring a new proposition

“Rokker were simply brilliant in taking our business concept and using data to develop a proposition that would resonate in the market. They’ve helped us to establish a new division in a structured and strategic way that sets us up for long-term success. We look forward to working with them into the future.”

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