Selecting a Human Resources Information System (HRIS)

Following a period of rapid growth, our client needed a more mature payroll and Human Resource Information System (HRIS). Rokker were commissioned to support them in selecting and implementing a vendor/fully integrated system to effectively support their continued growth.


A six-week program of work included a number of workshops and interviews with key internal stakeholders and network contacts. We used these to map processes and identify key pains and gains to be addressed. Desk-based research was undertaken to identify a longlist of 75 potential vendors and to review systems in use by competitors and comparators.


The information gathered through the Discovery process was organised into a prioritised MoSCoW requirements list to inform the selection criteria. To these criteria we added further confidence factors around UK industry and enterprise level experience and their reputation. Of the 75 vendors identified we evaluated 53 to shortlist 9 to whom we sent a Request for Information (RFI).


The RFI was designed to assess their suitability against the criteria and collate their annual and one-off costs. This then informed the 4 we recommended be invited to respond to a more detailed RFI and engage in an interview and demo. We also provided an implementation plan to give the client insight into the resources required, milestones and deliverables throughout the project.

Selecting systems


The client has now elected an HRIS / Payroll system from our shortlisted 4 providers. Implementation is in the process of being scheduled and Rokker is looking forward to playing a quarter-back role in the integration and delivery phase.


“Working with the Rokker team has been great. They really understand business from a human impact perspective as well as a technical one! We particularly enjoyed the respectful and engaging way they worked with our subject-matter-experts, users and stakeholders alike. It felt like they were on our side and part of the team. Rokker’s output from workshopping and interviews helped us to clarify and codify the current internal pains [in HR & Payroll] as well as the gains we are looking to make with the right HRIS technology partner. Their analytical approach, experience and understanding of our business and our people gives us real confidence in their recommendations. Their recommendations were underpinned by a logical approach, an existing view of the vendor landscape as well as rapid insight from targeted market research. We look forward to working with them on other projects.”

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