People strategy development

Our client recognised that they had reached a critical point in the development of the business at which they needed to review their currently entirely reactive people strategy. Rokker were brought in to review their strategy and organisational design and make recommendations to propel the organisation into a more strategic and sustainable future.


We undertook analysis of the clients’ processes and procedures, surveying and interviewing team members to understand the gap between the ideal and real. This provided solid insight into the areas they were doing well in and where there was room for improvement. We also undertook PESTLE and SWOT analyses as part of the process. Whilst our client was strong in nurturing those early in their career and demonstrated positive DEI practices on paper, women were underrepresented at a leadership level. Analysis revealed that their workforce planning was poor and attracting new talent was posing a problem in a competitive market. Throughout our time with them it also became clear that employee engagement was under resourced.


We guided the client through the process of developing an ambitious new people strategy to maximise employee potential and develop high performing teams. We utilised the key themes we’d identified and user stories we’d captured to ensure that the new strategy would address the challenges.


The new people strategy was delivered alongside some key value-based documentation. We also provided a roadmap of activity and clear guidance as to what was expected from leaders within the organisation. We were really pleased that in working this through the client reported significant success through improvements in their employee engagement results.

People Strategy Development

I highly recommend Rokker. Their consultants have an incredibly engaging and affable style high and add real value to their clients businesses. Their subject matter expertise is second to none and their facilitation skills are exceptional, consistently drawing the best from the team they’re working with. In a relatively short period of time we co-developed an actionable, prioritised People Strategy that has informed our culture transformation and is empowering us to grow our business.”

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