Optimising technology platforms

Our client required assistance in identifying the challenges that were impeding a prominent consumer websites ability to swiftly introduce innovative products to adapt to evolving customer needs.


Rokker partnered with a global product agency that has a presence in 3 different locations in the UK to manage this complex project, offering various consumer-facing products under a single brand, and each product at a different stage of transitioning to a optimising technology platform.


During an 8-week timeframe, we conducted more than 40 in-person stakeholder interviews at our clients three different locations. Additionally, we organised two full-day discovery workshops, thoroughly examined various strategic documents, customer insight reports, customer personas and journey maps, customer success metrics, and social analyses.

We closely monitored the product development process with our agency partner and assessed procedures, protocols, tools, and platforms throughout the entire organisation.


To provide context to the data we collected, we also performed market and competitor research, which included analysing trends and reports. As well as this, we developed specific product value propositions and a motivational matrix for the identification of employee relationships and engagement.


The outcome of the Discovery phase revealed a total of 523 challenges throughout the organisation. From this extensive list, we assessed, ranked, and categorised these issues into 30 major themes.


After completing the Discovery and Ideation phases, we created more than 60 Minimum Viable Initiatives (MVIs)© outlining the steps our client could take to transition from their current state to their desired position.


These initiatives were organised into two implementation waves and were carefully structured with tasks, subtasks, definitions, business impact assessments, ownership assignments, timelines and KPIs.

Optimising technology platforms

We are incredibly impressed with Rokker’s comprehensive approach throughout this project. Their thorough examination of our organisation’s challenges and their innovative solutions have been instrumental in our mission to adapt to evolving customer needs, by providing us with a clear roadmap for achieving our goals.”

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