Optimising sales processes

Rokker were engaged to analyse the clients current sales process to identify opportunities for optimisation.


We had only 17 team days to complete our analysis which involved examining the client’s data, relevant documents, and workflows to identify potential improvements. Ultimately our goal was to standardise their processes to make them more efficient and scalable. This initiative aimed to ensure an improved experience for both internal and external customers in the future. Our Discovery phase included stakeholder interviews across business units, a documentation review and the identification of common themes and processes.


The identified themes and processes were translated into a set of visual representations to narrate the sales process story for our client. This was an effective way of highlighting common challenges and identifying opportunities for the streamlining of processes to ease and support growth. We emphasised the need for continuous improvement of the sales process to facilitate ongoing success in a constantly evolving business landscape.


The project team successfully delivered a functional codified sales process and an accompanying dashboard for the internal CRM team to implement. Simultaneously, they identified possibilities for refining and streamlining the process and establishing accountability measures. By pinpointing areas for enhancement, the project team laid the groundwork for ongoing efficiency gains and operational excellence. This initiative aims to enhance the sales process as the business expands.

Optimising sales processes

Rokker’s efforts have resulted in a tangible, valuable contribution to our organisation. We are confident that these enhancements will have a lasting positive impact on our sales operations.”

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