Optimising sales processes for new markets

As a relatively new division of a global gambling supplier, our client needed a standardised and scalable sales process for to optimise internal efficiencies and succeed in a new market.


The Discovery Phase included defining the existing process, its pains and gains and the people and tools involved. To achieve this we interviewed:

  • The Senior Team
  • Project and Account Managers
  • Finance Team
  • Legal Team
  • Compliance Team and
  • Marketing Team
  • Customers


A number of key Themes alongside a range of detailed data, came to light through the research phase. These enabled us to propose ways to optimise the sales process through the provision of a detailed sales process map with associated RACI matrix. This helped to bring alignment in the team and clarity as to their roles and responsibilities in the sales process and ultimately unlock.


Or work enabled the new division to hit the ground running and see a significant increase in sales as the US sports betting market expanded.

Optimising sales processes

The Rokker resources were very user-friendly, and results speak for themselves in terms of ROI! We’re looking forward to working with Rokker again to determine how we can optimise our delivery process for the US sports betting market next.”

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