Moving into new markets

Our client needed to gain further insight to be able to move into an interesting and potentially profitable adjacent new market that they hadn’t yet been able to penetrate.


The Discovery Phase involved conducting a GAP analysis to identify the necessary requirements in the target sector and examining our client’s business from various perspectives to assess its current status. This included assessing our clients: Organisational Capability, Financial Resource, Product, Communications, Competitors and Customer base.


The process enabled us to define a strategy and Minimum Viable Initiatives MVI’s© to position our client’s business to expand its presence and succeed in their new target market. We collaborated with our client to redefine the offering by adjusting its communication, commercial structure and company targets. We then implemented a business development strategy that introduced the company to the market and ensured it gained visibility among key decision-makers in Halo companies.


The company has now secured multiple agreements in their target market and is on a clear path to becoming the industry leader in that sector.

new market

Rokker’s insight and support were fundamental in enabling us to achieve our ambitions in a new market. We are delighted with both Rokkers strategic analysis and execution. They are definitely our secret weapon in continuing to increase our global presence into other interesting sectors.”

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