Market positioning for competitive advantage

Our client needed insight into their market positioning in order to gain competitive advantage. In an increasingly crowded and commoditised IT services space, our client needed to develop a compelling brand strategy to stand out. So Rokker undertook research and consultancy to inform and direct their proposition.


Our agile Design Thinking methodology utilises four initial steps. In the Definition phase we discussed the business context, challenges and goals with key stakeholders to align viewpoints.


The Discovery phase encompassed contextualised focused research through the 6 lenses of Communication, Customer, Competition, Finance, Product and Organisation. We conducted interviews with our clients’ customers to gain their views on the services they provided using a set of pre-defined questions. This enabled us to benchmark and compare responses for sentiment.


Our Ideation phase encompasses the mapping and visualisation of data to identify recurring themes and connections across the research areas. For this project we reviewed market influences such as trends, acquisitions and mergers, social sentiment, competitor positioning, popular search terms and key phrases. This then helped us to determine the context and relevance of our clients’ business.


We used 4 weeks of research, interviews and ideation to inform our Prototyping phase. This is how we test the hypothesis developed through ideation against the 6 lenses and market context.


All of our findings were summarised in a detailed, but digestible report which centred around the 4 common themes which had emerged across the 6 lenses. Each theme then had a set of Minimum Viable Initiatives (MVI’s)© against it. Each MVI defines a small, executable piece of work to move the client towards their goal. Whilst MVI’s are not always linear in nature, in this case, progress was dependent on the outcomes of other MVI’s. Because of this, we mapped all of the MVI’s to enable the client to easily visualise the entire growth framework.


Market Positioning

Rokkers work not only showed us where we were in the market, but gave us a clear actionable plan as to how could develop our messaging, products and services to better compete.”

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