Mapping business process improvements

Our client’s business centres around offering surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures and treatments. Rokker was tasked with mapping out the existing patient journey through internal and external processes, from pre-consultation to post-treatment and follow-up. The project involved identifying and proposing operational enhancements to create an optimised process map for internal use by the clinic team.


Initially, we organised a sequence of workshops with the clinic’s senior management team. This enabled us to collectively examine and document the essential processes in their current state, while also identifying any related challenges and benefits.


Subsequently, we conducted three in-person Observation Days at the clinic to validate the crucial processes discussed in connection with the clinic’s operations. This encompassed activities like Consultations, Treatments, and Post-Treatment follow-up appointments. 1-1 Interviews were performed with each member of the clinic team to gain a deeper understanding of how their roles and responsibilities contributed to the processes of the business.


After the Observation Days, we created a list of 77 potential business process enhancements, ranging from minor tweaks to significant operational changes. We then mapped these improvements onto the existing process and assessed their implementation complexity and potential return on investment (ROI). This allowed us to present a focused action plan for the business to pursue.


Rokker maintains a close ongoing collaboration with this client and is continuing to assist them in progressing their business growth even further towards achieving the ‘Four Seasons’ service experience.

Business Process Improvements

We found the suggestions Rokker provided us with highly valuable and have already started to implement the improved processes, which have made a significant difference. We are looking forward to our ongoing collaboration with Rokker and to see what the future holds for our business through the utilisation of our new service experience.”

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