Increasing share price through product strategy

Our client needed to understand their positioning and where they might gain competitive advantage in the US market. They recognised that to do that they needed an independent review of the competencies within the business in order to identify and address any gaps.


Through our interview and research process we quickly ascertained that a wider remit was required and so conducted a number of internal workshops to gather a holistic view of the business. These enabled us to identify 7 key objectives as key contributors to the overall business goal of increasing their share price.


For each of the 7 key objectives we identified core competencies and targets to achieve competitive advantage. These included optimisation of processes, use of data solutions, technical integrations, creation of content, clarity of communication, diversification, partnership and acquisition opportunities, strategy (product strategy) for new product development and new markets, a revised approach to customer service, development of people strategies around hiring, onboarding and embedding.

Product Strategy


Each of the competencies and competitive opportunities were translated into Minimum Viable Initiatives (MVIs©) which were allocated to the responsible team for action. The responsible teams then took their MVIs and agreed the prioritisation of an execution plan tackling the ‘quick wins’ first.


Rokker’s approach to business transformation was perfect for our organisation. It was data-driven, logical and the path to execution and success simple and straightforward. The MVIs helped to make each task tangible and manageable whilst having some ‘quick-wins’ encouraged the team that it was all achievable. We wouldn’t hesitate to pursue working together again.”

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