Improving the UX of back-office systems

Our client recognised that in order to grow into new markets and attract higher Tier operators they needed to improve the user experience (UX) of their back-office product for both existing and prospective clients.


We started by engaging in a demo of the current back-office system and reviewing the existing user guide. We then mapped the pains and gains of the product’s value proposition using feedback from internal and external client interviews. The external client interviews comprised of a cross-section of different client tiers, role types and key geographic markets in addition to speaking to those with experience of competing platforms. We also referenced comparable products, best practice standards, market trends and frameworks when considering ‘what good looks like’.


Our report provided an overview of their existing back office, citing its legacy, capabilities and highlighting the impact of pains and gains on the user experience. These centred on the areas of bonusing & segmentation, data & reporting, structure & hierarchy, and customisation & personalisation. We delivered a clear table of platform benefit comparisons between the client and 8 of their major competitors to highlight areas for improvement. Alongside this, we demonstrated ‘what good looks like’ through visual analysis of leading platforms. We also provided research on UX/UI trends, including features such as dark/light mode, typography, simplification, and app design approaches.

Improving UX


A series of prototypes were developed off the back of the research report. This has informed not only the prototyping process but has also fed into the creation of a roadmap for future product development.


Sometimes you can be too close to your product. To make significant valuable improvements we desperately needed an objective external perspective which Rokker were great at providing. Their insight and recommendations are helping us to provide existing users with an improved experience and to attract new customers to the platform. We now have a product that we are really proud of and a clear roadmap for ongoing improvements.”

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