Improving patient experiences and expanding into the UK market

Our clients UK clinics offer non-invasive, medication-free solutions for depression, addiction, and mental health issues. While they are renowned in the US and Europe, they seek to raise awareness and enhance the patient experience in the UK. We were tasked with crafting personas for addiction, depression, and OCD patient groups, as well as identifying ways to improve the overall patient journey and experience.


During a six-week period, we interviewed all patient-facing staff, visited clinics to assess their accessibility (a key consideration for patients who suffer with anxiety). In addition, we also conducted an anonymous online survey of former patients, researched patient behaviours, alternative treatments, and common treatment approaches while gathering insights from published patient stories.


Throughout the process we delivered weekly project updates and evolving versions of personas and journey maps to ensure stakeholder alignment.


We created 12 patient personas, encompassing all three patient groups and influencer personas. These were constructed using real patient insights from various sources, highlighting their main challenges and pain points. We also incorporated data on patient behaviours, goals, and key messages to boost awareness and engagement for individuals seeking help with addiction, depression, and OCD. In addition to the personas, we depicted the typical patient path from diagnosis to treatment engagement, pinpointing areas along the way where the patient experience could be enhanced.

UK market

Rokker have provided a really comprehensive but totally digestible view of our customers and the actions we need to take to improve their experience. We’re really impressed by the quality of their work and the value it provides to our organisation.”

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