Identifying blocker trends

Having gained our insight on their potential to succeed in the US market, our client wanted to further understand any trends that would prevent them achieving their key strategic objectives.


We had just 3 team days to undertake this piece of research. We followed the PEST framework to evaluate Political, Economic, Socio-cultural and Technological factors that might pose a challenge or present an opportunity.


We identified a number of challenges such as the existence of black market activity, rising acquisition costs, increased competition, potential tax hikes and regulatory pressures. We also suggested possible mitigations such as improving relations and use of appropriate technology. The opportunities of accessing new talent and a new administration were highlighted as were the potential for brand-building through sports and content partnerships. The challenges and opportunities of targeting Gen Z were raised as was the opportunity to ‘own’ innovation through exploitation of wearable tech and the use of AI/ML, voice interaction and other data driven opportunities presented by the IoT.

Blocker trends


Our report provided the client with detailed information on the challenges and opportunities of their new market with recommendations as to how to address each to ensure that they could optimise the opportunity and realise greater return on their investment.


Working with Rokker again has been great. They are agile and responsive in their approach which works well for our business needs. We now have more in-depth understanding into not only the opportunities but also the challenges present in our new target market. This is enabling us to approach our entry more strategically, with a greater chance achieving a successful outcome more quickly.”

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