Gaining insight into the global loyalty sector

Our client sought to understand how customer loyalty was elicited outside of the US land based global loyalty sector they operate in, to consider new regions and verticals they might permeate and thrive in.


We started by establishing the context for the project, understanding the cause of disruption in the loyalty space and examining customer engagement with loyalty programs and how they are delivered.


We took time to define the geographical area for the research, starting with the US market where the client is based before exploring the loyalty space in vertical sectors.


Our report summarised hundreds of hours of research covering both the most influential, and promising upcoming regions and sectors. Bringing our understanding of the product together with the trends identified in the research, enabled us to recommend several routes for expansion. Each was rated with associated pro’s and con’s including considerations such as cultural differences, organic growth potential, partnership and acquisition opportunities. Recommendations started with US domestic regions, expanding out on a rating scale through sectors and countries. 

global loyalty sector

Rokker’s report gave us a well-rounded view of the global loyalty space and the data to prove some of our theories around which sectors (global loyalty sector) and regions would be best to expand into. It also provided the additional value of revealing opportunities in spaces that we hadn’t previously considered. Working with Rokker was a very worthy investment in directing the business into our strategic future.”

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