Exploring opportunities for expansion

Our client commissioned us to research and explore opportunities to expand their product offer and reach a new customer base. The project was largely informed by analysis of their market and associated product and service providers.


Using our agile Design Thinking methodology, we deconstructed our clients’ product so we had a benchmark to compare others in the market to. We then gathered data on relevant products and service providers in the same/similar space to our client.


Out of 76 market suppliers, the most relevant were rated and scaled for appropriateness and opportunity, which reduced the list to 25. A full communications audit as also conducted across the 25 companies. This analysed everything from identity and tone of voice, to thought leadership and social sentiment.


When we visualised the comparative data it revealed a completely new opportunity for our client in one particular area. Our report made recommendations including building, acquiring or partnering with five shortlisted companies and the potential impact of this on growing the core offering(opportunities for expansion).

Opportunities for expansion

We’re delighted with the results of Rokkers work. It’s enabled us to establish an informed opinion in a short period, enabling us to make good strategic decisions. They also went beyond the brief in providing market sentiment on each of the prospective target companies. This has meant that we’ve been able to better understand what a potential partnership might mean to our business and ultimately the share price.”

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