Developing strategy for the European online casino market

Our client, an online casino operator based in Europe, required insight to enhance their operational strategy. Rokker was enlisted to provide a deeper understanding of a specified European online casino market, in the context of increased regulatory restrictions.


By utilising a blend of desk-based research, primary investigation, and network observations, we delivered our customer a well-organised, impartial, and thorough market overview. Analysis of competing operators was also conducted to assess their market presence and pinpoint potential USP’s to distinguish themselves.


Based on our comprehensive market analysis, we were able to provide our client with a valuable competitive advantage report. This report provided an objective and impartial perspective of the market, equipping our client with valuable insights into the market and a strategic edge over their competitors.


Our report outlined the opportunities and risks identified as a reference point for strategic decision-making and future planning.

Online casino market

The competitive advantage report provided by the team at Rokker gives us confidence in making more informed decisions. It has already positively influenced our strategic planning. We appreciate the professionalism and expertise shown by the team and highly value their work.”

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