Designing a B2B platform for customers

Our client was keen to create significant opportunities for their customers. In order to realise these ambitions they needed support to design a new B2B platform.


Our initial workshop concentrated on outlining the components of the product and platform that contribute to enterprise value. In collaboration with our client we charted the existing solution architecture of the product and B2B platform, pinpointed the critical issues to tackle and identified the main attainment goals of the project.


By leveraging our expertise in industry-standard technologies and best practices, we identified and recommended new components for our client to integrate into their solution architecture.


This was woven into a gradual strategy with the objective of transitioning the business from its current state to an optimised yet achievable future state. The 8 stages were complemented with recommendations for readily available products that the client could seamlessly incorporate into their existing technology stack.


Our report contained trends and opportunities for our clients strategic expansion into North America and Indian target markets. This was based on comprehensive market research including into potential competitors and strategic partners.


The report also included a detailed and enhanced solution architecture plan to strengthen the design or their current product and platform in order to optimise their offering for the target audience and remain competitive.

Designing a B2B platform

Alongside Rokker providing us with relevant market research, we now have a much clearer idea of how we can improve our B2B service offering whilst also meeting our own corporate objectives.”

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