Defining vision and mission for alignment

Our client lacked clarity around the vision and mission for the organisation which made it difficult to be guided by a common North Star. They recognised that being able to codify direction of travel and agreeing a macro purpose for the organisation’s teams was key to achieving goals and building high performing teams.

Process & Solution

We created an experience that was conducive to high energy and growth mindset in an offsite environment. We topped and tailed sessions with research-based material from our clinical psychologist and inspiring stories from our senior business consultant. The workshopping process utilised Rokker canvases to guide the leaders through a journey of rapidly building collective values, desired behaviours, ambitions and team strengths. This was then set within the context of the wider organisation to give the team a North star and playbook to rally behind.

Defining Vision


Stakeholder engagement and consultation throughout the process really aided organisation-wide adoption of the mission, values and charter to make this project a meaningful success.



The Rokker team are simply brilliant to work with as they consistently draw the best out of us and articulate conclusions with absolute clarity. Our people always look forward to Rokker projects because they know that their views and contributions will be valued and considered and that the outcome will be a measurable improvement in their working lives.”

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