Analysing PAM Providers

Recent Private Equity investment enabled our client to evolve from their subscription-based roots to adopt a more digitally-focused strategy. In order to realise their ambitions, they recognised their need for a new Player Account Management (PAM) platform. This would help them to overcome the shortcomings resulting from their existing platform as well as enabling them to separate their heritage customers from their digital customers. Rokker were therefore commissioned to undertake an analysis of suitable products and Analysing providers in the market.


The timescale dictated by the client’s existing provider, meant that we had just five team days to undertake a rapid-fire approach. We documented the client’s key requirements and used them as criteria to evaluate PAM platforms. In addition to these requirements, we had criteria for identifying potential analysing  providers’ suitability of fit and a stipulated timeline they’d have to be able to deliver against. This helped us to narrow the selection from 52 potential suppliers to 16.


Our report included a comparison table and graph mapping the 16 potential providers against a graph of cost and functionality. From this we shortlisted four to provide platform demos.


The project team ranked the platform demos in order of suitability and then shared a high-level business plan with the top two. This then informed their provision of indicative commercial costs for setup and ongoing operations of the PAM upon which our client could base their final decision.

Analysing Providers

By maximising Rokker’s research capabilities, we were able to make a strategic decision quickly. Rokker’s work has been invaluable in helping us to achieve our ultimate objective of delivering an excellent end user experience. Thank you Rokker!”

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