‘Up Where We Belong’

Achieving a truly diverse, high performing happy workforce requires a culture where people can be the best version of themselves. Sounds nice, but where do you even start with that and why bother, particularly in the current challenging economic environment?

Justification for investing time and resource in cultivating a Culture of Belonging can be summarised in the four key areas of: Perception, Retention, Performance and Diversity. 


Here’s our quick guide to the benefits of investing in a Culture of Belonging economic environment:


Don’t leave me this way…’

A recent McKinsey study outlined that the top three reasons employees had for leaving their jobs centered around their perceptions of not feeling they belonged and a perceived lack of being valued by their organisation and manager.


‘Stay With Me…’

One clear reason to bother with cultivating a culture of belonging is the cost, inconvenience and loss of productive and profitable time in having to replace employees. Cultivating a sense of belonging is central to employee wellbeing and can be seen as taking proactive action to retain employees. This investment not only delivers cost savings but can also create a more positive culture of longevity in being a place that people want to stay.

‘Simply the Best…’

Every business wants to optimise its output. Dialling-up the metrics on individual and team performance is a good way to achieve that. Experience has shown us that adopting a ‘Culture of Belonging’ is a key strategy in cultivating adaptable, resilient, high performing teams. This is largely because it creates environments where individuals can feel valued and empowered to grow.


Having a truly diverse team is critical for a whole host of reasons including creativity, customer empathy and establishing High Performing Teams. In order to build a truly diverse business, you need to prioritise building a culture where underrepresented groups feel they can belong. Belonging empowers them to confidently fulfil their potential and attract others to do the same.

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