The Two-Year Interview: Jim Marshall

Following a successful two-year run working part-time at Rokker, we asked Jim Marshall why he is delighted to join Rokker (and the Rokker Network) on a permanent basis.


“In the last 16 years I have only spent 18 months working for anyone else. That 18 months was an interesting experience. I learnt a lot, but the main thing I learnt was that I was going to find it extremely difficult to work for someone else. However, in 2017, I was offered a role with Rokker. Cautious of my previous experience, I declined, – although we did agree to work on a project-by-project basis.


I sat in the Easton White Horse earlier in the year and with a few pals (in between Lockdown I and Lockdown II). When I explained my new role at Rokker the reaction was very much: ‘You’re going to work for someone else?!’.  So, what has changed? There’s not just one factor, but a relatively complex combination of where stars needed to align.

The Two-Year Interview: Jim Marshall

I know I am ‘needy’, so there was a list of things I needed from Rokker: 

  • To be able to trust and be trusted. Being able to work alongside dedicated ‘grown-ups’ who strive to put customer delight at the forefront of every interaction.
  • To have purpose. I have always put a heavy emphasis on building meaningful business relationships. This position allows me to focus on the importance of those relationships; helping organisations design robust people strategies and build high performing teams.
  • To have the opportunity to learn. For the first time in years I am being paid to further my education. I am thoroughly enjoying upskilling in Strategy Consulting, Design Thinking, Digital Product Strategy and a plethora of approaches and tools.
  • To work in a design-centred business. From the leadership, to Rokker’s PRISM approach and to the output that is delivered – it is all about applying robust design to maximise business opportunities or alleviate problems for our customers. The application of a design-centred approach in the People space is something I have been boring friends with for years, but now I get to make it happen!
  • To be valued. One of my colleagues sent me this note over Slack: ‘Mate, massive appreciation for your hard work the last few months, massively inspiring having you around AND your thinking has added enormous value’. I have never underestimated the value of praise. We all need it and to work in an environment of open but sincere praise is inspiring.
  • To have time to research and time to think. My favourite mantra I have stolen is ‘Think before you speak and read before you think’. Research and ideation are core pillars of Rokker’s approach, and this is not limited to customer activity. Researching, thinking, and sharing ideas on a whole range of tangential topics is encouraged and team time is dedicated to innovation.


So, ‘unofficially’ I have worked with Andy Rogers and his team since early 2018. It has been a great opportunity to confirm that we work well together. There was no way I could put ticks against the list above in a conventional interview process. The two-year interview has been ideal; thanks for your patience Rokker – I am loving working here!”.

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