Rokker’s 7th Birthday!

It is Rokker’s 7th Birthday! today – not your standard ‘big birthday’ milestone, but I think one worth celebrating nonetheless! We don’t have to write a shareholder update, but if we did, maybe it would go something like this….

Over the last 24 months the world has changed in countless ways for our clients, and this has presented both exciting opportunities and real-world challenges. I would say, however, we have done some of our most interesting work in this period: Helping entrepreneurs launch gaming businesses in the heart of a pandemic, supporting the launch of another Rokker Network company (Pretty Technical), optimising global sales processes for international clients, aligning leadership teams of fortune 500 companies around common vision and purpose, leading the design of an innovation program for a Global Telco… and the list goes on; but in each case we have tried to stick to our values:


Be Valuable | Be on Brand | Leave Clients Energised | Create Opportunity

I’m proud to say that in the round we did all these things, and had some fun doing it!


We didn’t (unlike many others) have to change the way we worked too much; we are a modern matrix organisation, built remote- & digital-first, and are therefore inherently agile. We saw the movement early in team members being judged by time spent in the office, to being judged on output, and we never wanted to create a business where clocking in and out in an office was the metric of success. I am proud that today we are flexible around our team’s needs, and give them space to work on things which are important to them, while still delivering first-class work for clients and partners. I think my favourite client testimonial this year has been “you deliver better work than the big 5 consultancies and you are more human…”. I really like that.


We have certainly had challenges in the last 12 months (running a scaling business is really hard, shocker!), but I am naturally optimistic as a person, and while I certainly try and learn from mistakes, I am also super-focused on making Rokker better for clients and colleagues over the next 12 months. I have been hugely grateful to my colleagues for their good humour, hard work, diligence in personal growth, and making Rokker a fun place to be. I am especially proud of the People Consultancy we have launched and grown in the last year. Led by Jim Marshall we have seen this broaden our portfolio of tier 1 clients, help companies do better by their teams and support 10’s of thousands of people within those clients at an individual level either directly or indirectly through our work – that’s a triple win!


In terms of the wider Rokker Network, I feel like we have something really special there; we have met our targets, and we are really well known in the iGaming, Fintech and Utilities sectors for first-class work. The 60 or so people in those companies should be proud of their efforts over the last 12 months – we are about to go through another phase of growth if our plans work out as expected, so hold onto your hats!


As I look to the next 12 months, I see macro-economic challenges, but also (optimistically) opportunity in our world – online gaming is a strong sector to be involved with, and less susceptible to recessions than others. We have a really good management group, and we shall build this out further as we expand into international markets. We have 3 years left on our strategic roadmap and everyone is aligned around creating the maximum personal and corporate opportunity on that journey, so our ambition is clear and well understood.


Finally to all clients and partners – we both appreciate the projects we work on, but maybe more, the personal connections we make, it leads to amazing knowledge share, personal understanding and growth, and the occasional amazing dinner party story! We will double down on our efforts in the next 12 months as a resource you can trust to deliver and have some fun doing it. We wish you all the very best personally and commercially.


Onwards and Upwards!


Andy Rogers

Founder & CEO

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