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Achieving Net Zero is expected to save around 61 million people from drought, reduce the financial impact of climate damage by 25% and prevent ecological ‘tipping points’ such as the collapse of the Greenland Ice Cap. Whilst the perception may be that the iGaming industry contributes less carbon footprint than industries involving international logistics etc, you may not have considered the impact of digital operations on carbon emissions.

  • The internet is responsible for approx. 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions (due to data exchange requiring electricity). In 2020, the internet and the aviation industry had similar levels of greenhouse gas emissions – the internet has since tipped that balance and become a more polluting industry.
  • 29% of Scope 3 emissions in 2020 were Information and Communication Technology (ICT) related. Green House Gas (GHG) emissions for ICT*
  • 55-80% of organisations achieved greater efficiencies through software based opportunities and 33-35% through cloud migration opportunities.**
  • The Net-Zero Standard covers the emissions of a company’s entire value chain from their own processes, to purchase electricity and heat and emissions generated by suppliers and end users.***
Go green

The benefits of a sustainable value proposition – 5 reasons to ‘go green’ 

In order to secure a liveable planet, we need to get greenhouse gas emissions as close to zero as possible and actively remove any unavoidable emissions from the atmosphere. This process of rebalancing our planet is known as the journey to achieving Net Zero.


Our UK Governments ‘Build Back Greener’ Net Zero Strategy sets out policies and proposals for decarbonising all sectors of the UK economy to meet a net zero target by 2050. With similar proposals being published internationally, there is significant opportunity for the global iGaming industry to get ahead in reducing the carbon impact of their digital products and services. This action would attract:


  1. Positive Press
    Becoming a leading industry in the race to decarbonisation and net zero could help to displace the disproportionate amount of negative press regarding problem gambling.

  2. Gen Z
    The sector increasingly needs to connect with Gen Z, both as prospective players and employees. Research has shown that Gen Z’s brand affinity is highly driven by a more sustainable value proposition.

  3. Cost Efficiencies
    Digital rationalisation, simplification and modernisation can drive cost efficiencies to benefit profitability.

  4. Doing Better Business
    Sustainability credentials can help with product and market differentiation and are fast becoming a more standard procurement criteria for supplier selection. Suppliers can also benefit from opportunities related to the design and build of carbon neutral products and supporting Operators in their commitment.

  5. Measurable Improvements
    Reducing your carbon impact should yield measurable results such as; improved customer sentiment, increased business won, more positive press coverage, better external stakeholder relations.

In partnership with GoCodeGreen, Rokker are now offering iGaming businesses with a carbon benchmarking assessment & actionable reduction strategy which:

  • Provides a baseline of your digital carbon footprint
  • Identifies and validates potential business benefits of decarbonising digital
  • Designs Decarbonisation pathways to carbon neutral gaming services
  • Sets achievable targets
  • Independently tracks performance
  • Embeds sustainability into the culture of your organisation
  • Identifies stakeholders and delivers a results driven management strategy
  • Offer benchmarking to build your credibility and showcase action
  • Enables delivery acceleration through access to an ecosystem of partners

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