A year of personal growth

With Jims promotion to Director of Consulting and Amy and Melissa both celebrating their Rokker one year anniversary in August 2023, we thought it would be a good opportunity for the team to reflect on some of their experiences over the last year.

It’s been three years since I joined Rokker as a full-time strategy consultant and 2023 has been another fast paced and exciting year!

I’ve loved growing the ‘People Consultancy Practice’ for Rokker, providing full talent strategy solutions, organisational design and optimisation services to international technology and entertainment businesses like Schneider Electric and BT.

I’ve enjoyed working with my friend and colleague Dr Hazel Harrison in authoring the ‘Culture of Belonging’ program which is enabling us to deliver even more valuable change programs for clients teams.


The business has grown exponentially this year with the realisation of our international ambitions in the form of RokkerX. Project managing the formation of this new ‘People Powered Managed Services’ company has presented a bunch of new and interesting challenges to keep me on my toes and fuel my appetite for adventure! We now have offices in the UK, Spain and Bulgaria and have our sights set further afield for 2024.

Growing to a multinational team of over 50, presents both challenges and opportunities! For me that opportunity is taking on a new role as Director of Consulting. It’s an honour to lead our talented pool of nearly 40 consultants who are all subject matter experts in their chosen field. I’ve seen their commitment to going above and beyond in supporting each client in their ultimate success and am really excited for what lies ahead.

Rokker team 2023

Attracted by the talent and culture that I saw, I joined The Rokker Network as Head of Marketing in August 2022. With a business consultancy, design agency, product management business, software development and resourcing company to market, I figured there’d be plenty to keep me out of mischief and I wasn’t wrong! There have been relationships to build, strategies to develop, brands to refresh and refine, campaigns to run, copy to write, websites to build, speaking opportunities to pursue, events to coordinate, social channels to manage, merchandise to source, reports to construct, a CRM to caretake and many other tactical outputs.


Establishing RokkerX has been a real team effort. From my perspective there has been a brand to develop, exploring who we are, what we stand for, what we look like and how we speak. There have been assets to create from websites to social channels, physical advertising campaigns to book, create and run, template documents to construct and candidate and colleague on-boarding packs to create (complete with merchandise).


It was also very rewarding to be part of The Health Lottery consultancy team, working alongside CEO Lebby Eyres and her amazing team in a strategic marketing support capacity. I particularly loved working with the data team to build out a Power BI data dashboard that enables them to optimise business activities both now and into the future. They now have clarity on return on investment (player lifetime value stats), their engagement with products and their profitability, the ideal customer and what activities have proven the most successful means of acquiring and retaining players. I grew to love the business and people there over the course of the contract and feel really invested in their success.


As a student trying to identify a possible career path, I considered nearly every sector. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to join Rokker as a Finance Executive fresh from my graduation. I have been exposed to so many different aspects of business and finance and have learnt so much, from principles and processes to software and systems. Spending this last year working in finance has given me both a sense of direction and ambition. It’s really provided me with a great foundation and more experience than I could have hoped for in my first year of employment.


Having the chance to be involved in starting an international business such as RokkerX has been a brilliant opportunity to extend my experience and knowledge even further. Learning about the processes, challenges and complexities associated with expanding, starting and operating businesses in different territories has been really interesting. Being part of RokkerX has also enabled me to meet and collaborate with people who have different backgrounds and experiences to my own, which is something of significant value to me.

Working with the Rokker team has enabled me to develop both professionally and personally. I have grown in confidence, enjoyed building new relationships and have established my own work ethic and ambitions. I’m excited to see what new and exciting opportunities year 2 brings!


I’ve been fortunate enough to be part of the Rokker team for 3 years now. This past year I have felt my personal and professional growth accelerate to new heights, much in part due to the number of opportunities presented to me by Rokker. Post graduating university, I performed the role of Finance Executive for 2 years, before transitioning to the consultancy side where I have now just completed Year 1 as a Business Analyst.

I’ve been heavily involved in the incorporation and growth of RokkerX in both international hubs; Bulgaria and Spain, over the last year and have been exposed to new disciplines including recruitment (writing job descriptions, promoting roles, reviewing and managing applications and interviewing candidates). Working on RokkerX has been a big challenge but has afforded me the opportunity to travel to those locations, experience new cultures (with some attempted language learning!) and crucially to me, meeting new people, some of whom I have formed great relationships with that I envisage continuing for many years.

Outside of the success with RokkerX, I have continued to gain invaluable experience across a number of consultancy projects for Rokker, continuing my growth as I look to challenge and advance myself in a professional capacity. I eagerly await the continued success ahead of the team for the remainder of 2023, into 2024 and beyond!


This is my fourth year now with Rokker. In that time, I have been exposed to an immense array of projects and experiences that have brought with them a wealth of opportunities to learn, grow, and develop, in both a personal and professional capacity. Aside from my Consultancy role, Rokker have also supported me in establishing the Rokker Research Labs, a division which I now lead. Aside from working on our own research-focused projects, the skills of the team are often utilised to support our much wider consultancy projects.


Reflecting on the last year, the most obvious growth opportunity that springs to mind was my overseas travels which saw me working and visiting a number of countries in Northern and Central America as well as Europe. This has enabled me to successfully couple my job with travel, which is a personal passion of mine.


Whilst the wider team have been working very closely (and very hard) on establishing RokkerX, I’ve continued working on an array of research and consultancy projects, which continue to be diverse and fascinating, from projects on the US horse racing industry to analysis of corporate behaviours and interviewing customers to get their feedback on our client’s user interface. No two days are the same and I like it that way!

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