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Research and Insight to support strategic decision making.

Rokker Research Labs provide a rapid-fire research service offering objective and unbiased insight into a specific market, sector, service or product that empowers clients to make more informed strategic decisions. By amalgamating data and information from multiple trusted sources, we provide informed and unbiased insight, identifying any potential risks and opportunities in the process.

The Rokker Research Labs

  • Delivers rapid-fire research and insight for B2B and B2C clients
  • Provides an objective, unbiased and holistic overview of a specific market, sector, service or product
  • Identifies and enlightens clients to any potential risks and opportunities
  • Empowers you and your team to make better strategic decisions

We do this by triangulating data from:

  • Qualified industry data sources 
  • Desk-based research 
  • Regulatory and financial reports
  • Network Insight
  • Qualitative and quantitative primary research

Our research tools and methods:

  • Market Analytics
  • Market Research
  • Market Sizing
  • Opportunity Mapping
  • Competitor Mapping
  • Competitive Advantage Identification
  • Comms Audit
  • Industry Database
  • Market Trends 
  • Industry Best Practice

Benefits of working with us:

  • Obtain specific, objective and unbiased data and insight on a particular market, sector, service or product
  • Rapid and actionable insight to make more informed strategic decisions
  • Validate a new concept or market strategy
  • Stay abreast of relevant developments in an ever evolving market landscape
  • Opportunity to maintain focus on other areas of your business 
  • Access to an experienced research team

Designing futures for

A European Casino Operator

We helped a European casino operator identify how COVID-19 and new market regulations would impact upon a particular European online casino market.

A Business Change & Transformation Consultancy

We analysed the UK professional services sector in order to help a business consultancy develop and define a digital strategy proposition.

A UK telecoms provider

We researched the opportunity for a business to move into a new market sector.

Rokker provided us with an excellent objective overview of an overseas online casino market that empowered us to make more informed decisions regarding our European operational strategy.

Björn Fuchs | Chief Digital Officer
Janshen-Hahnraths Group

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