What are the missing ingredients for this Innovation Park?

Go-to-market Planning

Our process

This was a project where applying the Design Thinking Process proved absolutely essential in terms of our ability to add considerable value to the client. On the face-of-it, a straight forward project. Rokker had to understand the existing components, and analyse what is missing for a compelling ‘go-to-market’ strategy.

However, through a detailed discovery phase (this included over 30 interviews as well as desk based research) we recognised the need to create themes and critical paths to effectively reach-out to 4 different customer audiences.

We used ideation sessions to elicit the ‘missing ingredients’ for each of the themes in order to deliver the optimum state for each customer group.

The outcome

The outcome was a combination of a detailed report and presentation sessions.

These contained the critical paths (including the elements that are already in play, the elements that are in play but need some enhancement and the elements that need to be added).

We also prioritised high level initiatives based on an impact versus effort assessment.​​​​​​​

The obvious next step is to validate those priorities and break the critical paths into manageable MVIs (Minimum Viable Initiatives) with a clear RACI.


A comment from our customer…

We regard Rokker as trusted partners for Proposition and Go-to-market strategy.

We appreciate their robust design-thinking approach which is very much focused around value and opportunity creation. Personally, I particularly value the quality of ideation (including their PRISM multi-lens methodology) and the clear narrative in the way solutions are framed.

The outputs we receive from Rokker are strongly linked to practical interventions that we can implement (not a document to be left on a shelf, but one to be acted upon!)

Time spent with Andy and Jim is both inspiring and energizing! Their attention to detail and diligence to get a comprehensive baseline to work from was impressive, and I very much appreciated the integrity displayed during the conduct of all their work.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with them again!”