How do we leverage the value of our personalised recruitment service in the face of low budget, automated services and design the business for its next phase of growth?

Go-to-market Planning

Our process

Once the definitions and scope of the project were set, Rokker entered the Discovery phase and held an unpacking session with key stakeholder alongside reviewing customer survey results and company data in order to understand perception vs reality in terms of the company’s position in the market. The data was visualised in a number of different ways in order more easily see patterns that could lead towards opportunity in the market, areas of organisational improvement or product development.


The outcome

Having researched our clients’ closest competitors as well as their platforms and services and after researching changes in millennial job culture, and what that meant for the future of recruitment, Rokker identified a number of themes along with associated MVI’s that positions our client with a competitive advantage and a framework on which to create their own MVI’s over time. This has lead to organisational improvement, an increase in profit and the space to create new business lines and products