How do we grow our business, engage more closely with our patients and deliver the best possible patient experience?

Business Optimisation

Our process

Our client provides a non-invasive & medication-free solution for depression, addiction and mental health conditions and have clinics all across the UK. Despite being well known in the US and Europe, the treatment is still relatively unknown in the UK. In order to increase awareness and look for areas to improve the patient onboarding and overall experience, we were asked to create key personas for their addiction, depression and OCD patient groups, as well as identify improvements to the overall patient journey and experience.


Over a period of 6 weeks, we interviewed all staff that had primary contact with patients; conducted on site visits in order to understand the physical impact of getting to the clinics (a key consideration for patients with anxiety); we also conducted an anonymous online survey for past patients. In addition, we conducted desktop research into patient behaviours, alternative therapies, common treatment paths and collated a number of insights from published patient stories.


Once a picture started to emerge, we shared working versions of all personas and journey maps with the client in order to align all stakeholders on the output as it developed, as well as providing regular weekly project updates and surfacing insights as they came to light.


The outcome

We developed 12 patient personas in total covering all 3 of the specific patient groups as well as influencer personas. Each person was based on real patient insights from multiple sources and identified the key challenges and pain points for the patient. We also included data around the patient’s behaviours and goals as well as key messaging that would help raise awareness and engagement amongst potential new patients looking for help with addition, depression and OCD.


To accompany the personas, we visualised the common patient journey from diagnosis to engagement for treatment and all the key steps in between. We identified areas for improvement within that journey where the patient experience could be improved.