How can we optimise our key working processes to enable the business to grow whilst also providing patients with the desired ‘Four Seasons’ service experience?

Business Optimisation

Our process

The clinic offers patients surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures and treatments. Our challenge was to map out the existing business processes (both internal and external) in relation to the patient journey, from pre-consultation to post-treatment and follow-up. From this current map, we were then tasked to identify and propose business process improvements to produce an optimised process map for the clinic team to use internally.


We firstly arranged a series of workshops with the senior management team of the clinic. This allowed us to collaboratively discuss and capture the key processes in their current format, as well as identifying any associated pains and gains. These sessions were then followed by three on-site Observation Days at the clinic, allowing us to validate the key processes discussed in relation to the operations of the business, including Consultations, Treatments, and Post-Treatment follow-up appointments. These visits also allowed us to perform 1-to-1 interviews with each member of the clinic team to get a better understanding of what their roles and responsibilities were and how these fitted in with the processes of the business.


Following the Observation Days, we produced a list of 77 proposed business process improvements, ranging from minor changes to large-scale overhauls of existing operations. These proposed improvements were mapped out as an optimised process flow map over the existing process map. For each proposed improvement, we evaluated the difficulty of implementing it and the potential ROI. This enabled us to propose a prioritised roadmap of actionable next steps for the business to follow.


The outcome

Our client found the proposals very informative and useful and will soon begin working on executing the optimised processes internally. We hope to continue working with the client and are now actively seeking to use this experience to pursue other similar projects with comparable businesses working in the private medical sector.