How can we optimise our commercial sales process to best capitalise on the recent opening of the US sports betting market?

Business Optimisation

Our process

Our client is a relatively new division within a global gambling supplier. Our challenge was to create a more standardised and scalable US sports betting sales process for the team to use internally.


During the Discovery Phase, we interviewed all key stakeholders involved in the existing sales process – this included the Senior Team, Project and Account Managers, as well as the Finance, Legal, Compliance, and Marketing teams, amongst others. This phase of work established the existing sales process, including people and tools, as well as identifying any associated pains and gains.


By framing our findings as key Themes, we were able to make proposals around new elements to optimise the sales process. These new elements were captured in an extensively detailed sales process map, which was distributed and used internally to ensure all team members were aligned on the process and how their individual roles and responsibilities fitted in to this.


The outcome

This division have now hit the ground running in terms of US sports betting sales as the market has slowly opened up and expanded. They found the map very user-friendly and were very satisfied with the outcomes of this project. We will shortly be working with them to determine how they can similarly optimise their delivery process for the US sports betting market.