How can we maximise the opportunity to deliver this year’s ‘Hoshin’ through the Executive Leadership team?

People Consulting

Our process

Our people consulting division was asked to play a leading role in the design and delivery of a series of workshops with the purpose of ensuring the Executive Leadership team was empowered and motivated to drive through ambitious multi-division strategies.

The customer, a Fortune Global 500 corporation with a workforce of well over 100,000, was faced with some complex and difficult people challenges in the context of some exciting growth opportunities. [Business Leaders sit within siloed divisions and cross division commitment had, on occasions, been difficult to secure].

We worked closely with the key stakeholders (business and strategy leaders) to design a bespoke 3 day event. The event was designed to challenge, inspire and motive the Leadership Group.

The outcome

The outcome was a combination of key event documents (produced in collaboration with the customer):

  • Planning output presented as a ‘Main Events List’
  • Event show reel
  • Activity templates

… and presentation and facilitation tasks

  • Set the tone presentation ‘Building and Managing High Performing teams’
  • Presenting and codifying the vision
  • Understanding the strengths and communication styles of the leadership team (establish who is best placed to lead certain areas of the strategy and where are the skills gaps)
  • Ideation sessions on how to meet the challenge
  • Converting strategy into manageable initiatives
  • Committing to the priorities


Our customer comment…

‘I thought it was one of the best moves forward we have made [as a Leadership Team] and pleased it looks like you will be playing your part [Rokker] in the “first team” with us for the next stage of meeting our commitments and making the move from A to B!’