How can we design a B2B platform to produce significant opportunities for our customers?

Business Optimisation

Our process

Following an initial workshop focused on defining the product and platform elements that drive enterprise value, we were able to collaboratively identify the key questions to address and the primary objectives to achieve as part of the project. This initial workshop also allowed us to map out the existing solution architecture of the product and platform. Using our knowledge of industry-standard gaming stacks and best practice, we were able to identify and propose new elements for our client to incorporate within their solution architecture. This enabled us to propose a phased approach aimed at moving the business from the current state to an optimised but realistic future state. The 8 phases were supplemented with proposed ‘off the shelf’ products that the client could easily integrate within their existing tech stack.


Our solution architecture work was further supplemented with wider market research on the Daily Fantasy Sport (DFS) and sports predictor markets in North America and India. This allowed us to identify any relevant trends and opportunities to guide our client’s strategic entry into these regions. We also identified several relevant DFS and sports predictor platform providers that may be considered as potential competitors or strategic partners.


The outcome

Our client has now been provided with a blueprint for an optimised solution architecture enabling them to improve the design of their existing product and platform. Alongside relevant market research, they now have a clearer idea of how they can improve their B2B service offering whilst meeting their own corporate objectives.