How can we best position, structure and design a new division and proposition within the existing company?

Go-to-market Planning

Our process

We used a combination of desk-based research and collaborative discussions/workshops with the new division’s team to acquire a better understanding of the current market and identify opportunities for the optimal design and strategic positioning of the new initiative and associated commercial proposals.


Our research focused on identifying key competitors and mapping them across several commercial areas to identify ‘gaps’ in the market and potential areas of growth. These competitors were also assessed in terms of the communication and language they used to market their products and services in order to identify how the new proposition should be marketed.


We collaboratively produced a Value Proposition Canvas, which identified the jobs, pains and gains of the key customer segments (including both operators and game studios) that the division were targeting with their new proposition.


The outcome

Using the Brand Resonance Pyramid methodology, we were able to provide the client with several propositions around the structure of the new division, language/communications, the core service offering with explicitly defined commercial levers and associated marketing collateral.


We also provided them with a detailed end-to-end sales process map, target operating model with associated roles and responsibilities, and a launch plan in the form of a 6-month critical path roadmap.