Having recently plateaued, how can we grow the business to achieve the desired objective of a £1m annual turnover?

Business Optimisation

Our process

Our client operates a business within a nationwide franchise, offering procurement consultancy services. Their expertise is particularly focused on the utilities sector and they have a large body of local SME clients as well as a small number of national multi-site charity clients. We were tasked with identifying opportunities, which could be incorporated within an actionable roadmap, in the form of Minimum Viable Initiatives (MVIs), that would enable the business to double their turnover within 3 years.


Using our PRISM lens process methodology to frame our approach and thinking, we organised a series of workshops with the team, including a group Unpacking Session, Value Proposition Canvas, ERRC, and SWOT Analyses. This was supplemented by our own internal desk-based research of the existing landscape of competitors as well as phone interviews with existing clients to get a better understanding of their demographics, expectations, and experiences. Additionally, we organised an on-site visit to observe the existing internal processes and arranged one-to-one interviews with all staff using our THRIVE questionnaire.


Through these activities, we began to develop our understanding of the industry as well as the ambitions and skills of the existing team. This enabled us to frame our key Themes as challenges and opportunities. Specifically, we identified 5 areas of opportunity, which would collectively enable the team to grow the business. Using these opportunity areas, we were able to design a 3-year actionable roadmap with associated MVIs that aimed to achieve the £1m turnover target.


The outcome

The client is now executing this roadmap internally – we continue to maintain close relations with them so we can assist them where possible and follow their progress as they look to achieve their ambition.