What does the global loyalty sector look like outside Gaming, and how do we enter new regions and markets?

Concept Validation

Our process

As this was a very wide reaching brief, the first stage was to define parameters and understand the current capabilities of our clients’ product. Once complete this gave us an informed lens from which to view the wider market.


As the market is so large it was important to begin with a small, focussed area and slowly expand outwards rather than using a scattergun approach to the research. As the client is based in the US, that is where the research began, looking at the loyalty space in vertical sectors and slowly expanding out in an elliptical ripple pattern.


As with all Rokker projects ‘context is everything’, and it was extremely important to understand the fundamental question of ‘why’ there is disruption in the loyalty space, especially with the founding father sectors such as the airline industry. In order to do this, we did a deep dive into how loyalty was being used by customers, which led to further investigation into mobile adoption, cultural changes, relevancy and immediacy.


The outcome

The report summarised hundreds of hours of research and covered the most influential regions and sectors as well as the most promising upcoming regions and sectors. By looking at the research as a whole, and connecting patterns together, as well as having a strong understanding of the existing product, Rokker were able to determine several recommended routes for expansion to market starting with US domestic regions and slowly expanding out on a rating scale through sectors and countries.


There were multiple options for expansion, we rated each opportunity and demonstrated the pro’s and con’s for each, including sentimental and empathetic considerations such as cultural differences, as well as partnership and acquisition opportunities, as well as organic expansion.


The report gave our client a well-rounded view of the global loyalty space; it also backed up some of their internal theories of which sectors and regions would be worth exploring; and by using a Design Thinking approach we were able to show opportunities in spaces that weren’t even on the clients’ radar.


Our client is now successfully well underway with their expansion plan into other sectors based on Rokker’s strategic work.