How do we develop a digital and marketing strategy that will enable us to grow our sales opportunities?

Go-to-market Planning

Our process

Our client is world renown in the project and programme management consultancy space, working with global financial clients on their transformation programmes. Rokker were asked to develop a strategy for the refresh of the current communications, with an eye on the longer term goal of increasing sales opportunities through a wider audience reach. The project was multi-faceted, organised into sprint streams, and with a 4 week deadline for completion, it required constant collaboration between Rokker and the client teams.


The discovery process included market research into the project and programme management and digital transformation space, including an audit of current communications, competitors and market trends. This information formed the basis of communications and market position reports that fed into the strategy for the new vision and positioning.


The outcome

We developed new vision and mission statements, and developed a digital refresh of the website, converting the vision into a visual language that could be expanded and grow with the company, and developed concept visuals to demonstrate how the new communication language would work over time. Alongside this, we also developed a digital and marketing strategy and provided template marketing tools for marketing campaign and content creation, social content marketing, and event calendar management.