As an acquisitive global gaming PLC with a number of offices and service sectors, how can we align our Vision and Values and communicate these internally and externally?

Go-to-market Planning

Our process

Once scope and success criteria were set Rokker began the Discovery phase by interviewing key stakeholders in the process and conducted a number of interviews with customers and staff, all interviews followed a set structure so the results could be benchmarked and sentiment could be evaluated equally.


A full communications audit was conducted across all marketing, social and digital communications, both internally and externally. Rokker also audited 25 of the clients’ closest competitors, and developed a like-for-like analysis across the market alongside the company’s own products and services.


The outcome

As part of the outcome, Rokker assisted in the management and execution of a new digital touchpoints (website and mobile) and associated marketing communications against a very short timeline. In addition to the digital assets, definitions were set for future communications and tone of voice. A phased approach was presented to standardise internal communications leading to improved workflows and efficiency as well as further integration of dispersed global teams.


In addition to the strategic thinking and planning all deliverables were completed on time and to budget, leading to a solid relationship between Rokker and the client built on understanding and trust.