MegaTeams keep learning!

13th February 2020

In 2018 we, Andy Rogers, Rich Botting and Jim Marshall, launched MegaTeamOne. This was in direct response to the demand from across clients of The Rokker Network for People focussed solutioning. MegaTeamOne has 100% delivery success and very happy customers, but the business has not accelerated in the way we expected.


There are three possible reasons for this:

1. All our feedback and research suggests CXO’s primary concern is Talent Attraction. This is an area already particularly well served by Rokker Network companies. Marshall Wolfe has a division dedicated to building or turbo charging internal hiring functions and Random Colour Animal has designers focussed on creating the Digital assets to support optimal Talent Attraction and Candidate Journeys.

2. A people project is rarely just a people project! Virtually every assignment we took on for MegaTeamOne became a Rokker piece of work. Perceived team underperformance turned out to be as much about Organisational Design, Operational processes inefficiencies, poor ‘tool’ selection, cloudy Data Reporting Points and Accountability as it was about the Talented People and the way they were engaged, rewarded and supported.

3. In our Sales strategy we focussed on High Performing Teams of which Happiness and Well Being is one of the key pillars. In turns out that 2020 leaders are more interested in Happiness and well-being (of which performance is a bi-product).So it is time to eat own medicine and take on board the very advice we give our own customers.


And here are a few lessons we’ve learnt:

1. Listen to your customers and listen to the market.

2. Redesign or adapt the proposition Talent Attraction: Auditing existing candidate journeys and designing optimal talent attraction strategies will remain a focus of Marshall Wolfe.

3. Creating ‘employer of choice’ branding and assets to support these Talent attraction strategies are very much part of Random Colour Animal’s wheelhouse.

4. Rokker adopts THRIVE and Jim Marshall joins the team as Director of People Consulting to further build out the People Offering.


At Rokker we design contextual solutions to individual and team happiness and well-being; following a well-known design process we first understand the definition of success, we then benchmark the existing state through Discovery (primary and desk-based research). Once we have established an agreed view, based on data, we work with your team to co-create workable solutions around our established THRIVE framework. We then manage this programme of work through with you to achieve an optimal and scalable team state – delivering a happier, more engaged and successful workforce.


Of course Rokker will still be offering the range of business launch, growth and optimisation services it currently provides, just with some extra horse-power in the people team!


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