New day, new business!

17th June 2015

Could there be anything more exciting and slightly nerve-wracking than launching a new business? Especially when our business exists to help other businesses grow, we have to be double sure of our own strategy, team and partners from day one.


As I like to say “measure twice, cut once” (I feel this may be used a couple more times over the next few years!). We have done our planning, looked at the market, created our own network, set our tools and processes up and it is time to go. No looking back. We shall confidently step into the breach and we are genuinely looking forward to the coming weeks months and years.


We are a Business Design agency. This means we are there to work on other people’s businesses, in collaboration with them, and design ways in which they can create growth or work on specific products and services which have the same effect. All clear? Good stuff :0)


We have all run businesses before but there is nothing quite like putting a new one in front of an expectant client base and making sure we are giving ourselves the best chance of success in a globally competitive market. We will monitor our progress as we would with a client launch and we shall cut our cloth accordingly. We shall certainly post our progress across our touch points so you can see how things are going.


We see the global competition as a challenge to be respected but not scared of. We offer something different in our growth team approach (providing access to collective thinking around a problem), our world-class customer experience, our global network and the professional experience to deliver on the strategies we work on, not just from a product point of view but also from business development and logistics perspective.


Finally we come to our values, things we hold dear. The reason we are in business and what we bring to the market. Clarity, fun, fearlessness, creativity and integrity. If we would not commit ourselves to a strategy then we would not recommend this to a client and partner – where a big consultant can provide a huge range of solutions which they are ultimately not accountable for, we provide a personal, professional and tactical approach. If you want to grow your business, create a new product line, improve your processes or just create something new then you now have the perfect new partner – Rokker.


Onwards and upwards!


Andy Rogers
Founder & Managing Partner.