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Rokker is the UK’s leading Business Design Company

We specialise in delivering corporate and digital strategic growth projects for SME’s and mid-market PLC’s through to Fortune 500 companies. Our combined service is known as 'Business Design' and is made up of 3 distinct areas: Brand Strategy, Product & Service Strategy and People Strategy.


Our Brand Strategy services are designed for businesses that want to scale. Common applications include creating an authentic company vision, creating strong digital platforms for communication and positioning, engineering further customer engagement, gearing up for investment or sale, mapping opportunities within existing or new markets, or simply having a detailed view of where the business is at the current time.

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Product & Service

If you want to map new product or service opportunities in existing or new markets; find out how to leverage value from existing products; create a strategy to take a product or service to market; solve a specific problem with your product development process; identify, acquire, engage and retain customers; if you want to be able to innovate your product or service offering or be able to release to market faster, then we can help.

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Developing a culture that shares a common vision, engages employees, facilitates collaboration, aligns objectives, communicates effectively and enables innovation throughout is a key component of turning a good organisation into a great one. Our strategic approach to developing such a workplace will break down silos, develop self-leadership, align goals and objectives, enable communication and create a culture that is desirable, sustainable, authentic and scalable.

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Business analysis and design process synergy

We have developed a sector-agnostic methodology that we use across all our core services. It combines a proven design process with business analysis, data insight and trend analysis. The resulting framework answers a variety of challenges facing brands today. Our strategic solutions are agile, contextual, scalable and measurable. Why not email us today to find out more on how Business Design can help you?

Our methodology and process …

Find out how we are able to deliver actionable solutions for complex business challenges through a simple but effective and scalable framework

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Our latest insights …

Our latest post on building culture discusses the pros and cons of having a silo culture within an organisation

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Our Product Strategy in action …

Find out how we identified opportunities for our client to successfully take their existing gaming product into the global loyalty market

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